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Popular Butchers on Instagram – The Top 5

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Butcher in the walk-in freezer.

Which Instagram butchers should you follow? Pick from favorite popular butchers on Instagram

Need to get your fix of artisanal meat photography. Look no further. Here are 5 popular butchers on Instagram. Meat lovers will drool over these Instagram feeds. Can you guess how many follows the most popular has? The answer might surprise you. While you are at it check our other Butcher related stories.

#5 @bauerbutcher – The Bauer Butcher

@bauerbutcher 1821 followers. The Bauer Butcher is a shop in Waterloo, Ontario. Bauer’s is located in inside Vincenzo’s old world market. We love their meat shots and this is one of our favorites.

The Bauer Butcher, Waterloo, Ontario. 1.8K Followers

#4 @standingsbutchery @jaredstanding – Jered Standing’s Standings Butchery Shop

@jeredstanding is the owner of @standingsbutchery in Los Angeles. Standings features local pasture raised meat and grass fed beef.

Standings Butchery, Los Angeles CA. 10.4K Followers.

#3 @butcherfarrell – Butcher Farrell

@butcherfarrell 18,300 followers. @butcherfarrell is the head butcher at the The Home Farm Shop in the UK. Clocking in at on Instagram he is far from the most popular. However Butcher Farrell’s photos are amazing. He is my favorite butcher on Instagram. I am a follower.

Butcher Farrell, UK 18.3K Followers

#2 @meatthebutchers – Meat the Butchers

@meatthebutchers 90,200 followers. Unlike many of our picks @meatthebutchers is online only, not brick and mortar. Their feed is loaded with high quality butcher shots.

Meat the Butchers, online butcher. 90.4K Followers.

#1 @nusr_et – Nusret Gökçe aka Salt Bae

Nusret Gökçe aka Salt Bae is probably the most popular butcher on Instagram. Possibly the entire Internet. Nurset’s Instagram profile has over 21 million. Yes 21 million followers. Salt Bae became viral with his Ottoman Steak video on twitter. Salt Bae’s Ottoman Steak video has over 10 million views!

Nurset Gokce aka Salt Bae. 24.1M Followers.

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