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3 Must have WordPress plugins to improve your blog

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Ostersund, Sweden - August 9, 2015: Close up of Wordpress website under a magnifying glass. WordPress is a free and open source blogging tool.

Installing a WordPress plugin is a roll of the dice

I hate that overwhelming feeling when you look at the sea of WordPress available. “Which ones do I install?” I can’t trust the reviews. Further more, I don’t want to install a plugin that is going to break my site a year from now when the publisher stops updating it. Has your WordPress site slowed down to a crawl because of bad plugins? Only to spend an entire day disabling the 100 plugins one by one to detect the offending plugin. After setting up and maintaining over 20 WordPress sites I got tired. Tired of getting hacked, slow sites and time lost to troubleshooting. I only install these must-have plugins on my site. I do not add plugins to this list until I test it on my development site for 90 days.

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These plugins are must have for wordpress users.

Must have WordPress plugins


From, Jetpack has a ton of features critical to running WordPress. Site backups, spam filtering and security hardening to name a few.


MailChimp is the platform to use for email marketing and campaign management. If you plan to do any email marketing, you need this plugin.


I searched for the best SEO plugin and Yoast is it. Too many features to list, but in short your site will perform better in search engine rankings if you use this plugin.

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